Any compliance infraction can detrimentally affect your C.S.A. (Compliance Safety Accountability) score!

The F.M.C.S.A. (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has developed and implemented this efficient tracking system to identify high-risk motor carriers and drivers. A carrier C.S.A. score is based on the performance data of its drivers, including all safety-based roadside inspections, state reported crashes, and all regulatory compliance adherence.

Think of your C.S.A. score like your credit score for your US DOT# and an overall gauge of credibility as a company and a carrier. Most companies will now check your C.S.A. score before contracting with you. Often your C.S.A. score is the determining factor in whether your company gets the contract. A high C.S.A. score will also increase your commercial insurance premiums, negatively affecting your company’s bottom line. State, local law enforcement as well as DOT officers look to this C.S.A. score in determining which trucks will be randomly stopped, inspected, or audited.

It is imperative that you keep your C.S.A. low and make sure that all compliance mandates are up-to-date and/or completed.

We proudly offer free compliance audits, a free monthly industry newsletter, and the following professional compliance services:  

Free Compliance Audit

Please call 888-248-2199 and one of our compliance processing agents will happy to check on your regulatory compliance status at no charge.

Biennial Update/MCS-150

Every DOT company must update their contact information every 2 years. Failure to do so can result in fines of $1000 per day up to $10K for being out of compliance.

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training (DOT)

Any individual that is in a management or supervisory position over CDL drivers is required by federal law to take the drug and alcohol training program.

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training (Non-DOT)

Any individual that is in a management or supervisory position over NON-CDL drivers and would like to have training to help identify reasonable suspicion and what to do.

Random Testing Consortium

The FMCSA requires that all CDL drivers be enrolled in a Drug and Alcohol Third-party testing consortium.

Having a FMCSA compliant drug and alcohol program is a cornerstone to any successful motor carrier business. Make sure you have the program you need by working with a partner you can trust.

At FMCSA Compliance Processing Group, we have over two decades of experience helping carriers manage their DOT drug and alcohol programs. From our large network of testing

With over 10,000 collection sites nationwide, a local testing facility is never far away.

Benefits Overview

With FMCSA Compliance Processing Group, as your compliance partner, you can be sure you’re running a comprehensive program that complies with FMCSA regulations.

Program includes:

  • Random, Pre-Employment, Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion tests
  • Access to a nationwide network of 10,000+ collection sites
  • A DOT-compliant written policy
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Medical Review Officer services
  • Free audit support
  • Federal Chain of Custody Management

At FMCSA Compliance Processing Group, we provide drug and alcohol program solutions for motor carriers of all sizes. To learn more about our comprehensive programs, fill out the contact form, or call us at (888) 248-2199.

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